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The last few years have involved a lot of moving about. Trips for family, business, and pleasure all seem to roll together, but the one thing that had always been constant was each other. From big long haul flights, to short hops on little planes, we have been so fortunate to experience so much.

Kevin, made the move from Calgary to Vancouver to attend college, in 2010. Simon, made the journey to Vancouver from Manchester a few years before. These moves are ultimately what allowed us to meet, and the first in our journey.

We have lived in the Commercial Drive area of Vancouver together, ever since we started living together in 2012. We are surrounded by so many local shops, great restaurants, and a great atmosphere.

You could say that our wine journey started in Osoyoos, in the summer of 2013, when we hired a driver to take us around the vineyards, and we collected hundreds of bottles, with which to start our cellar. From there we joined wine clubs, went to events, and were ever in search of way to expand our palate and knowledge.

In January, after much debate and discussion, we made the trip over to Ucluelet with our families, and closest friends, to begin the next chapter in our life together - marriage. Our four day wedding was speckled with snow, sunshine, good wine, great food, and the best company. Accompanying our main dinner, was wines that we had collected from British Columbia and New Zealand - a coming together of our two favourite places.

From being barefoot in the sands of Abu Dhabi, to being barefoot in the vineyards of Marlborough, we certainly found time for a number of life changing experiences from our first date in 2012, to now. We know that this is just the beginning. With the seeds of our overseas move sewn, we can wait to see what comes up next.

Kevin will be moving away from his Family in Canada, and Simon will be moving to his Family in New Zealand. We hope that you'll join us in some small way, by following along here.

Stay tuned, for all that comes next.

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