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Updated: Dec 21, 2019

As we get closer to move date (December 15th is the last day in our Commercial Drive apartment), we are slowly liquidating our apartment. Moving overseas, for those who haven't done it, is not like moving across town, or across the province. You have to make the decision to undertake the arduous task of hiring overseas movers, or you have to make the decision to eliminate everything. We chose the latter. We wanted the certainty of knowing that whatever was travelling to New Zealand, was travelling with us (in four suitcases).

Because of this, and my desire to not leave anything to the last minute, we have quite quickly found ourselves in an apartment, growing more sparsely furnished by the day. Because of this, we find ourselves innovating a bit.

Lunch today, was a stunning cheese board, served atop a black rubbermaid tote. With cushions for chairs, and box to hold our wine - we settled in for a lovely meal. Provolone, emmental, and port salut cheeses, with smoked eggplant spread, tzatziki, fresh bread and rosemary crackers. and ideal lunch.

You might also notice the internet box in the corner of the photo... Our entertainment console was donated a couple of weeks ago, so the internet box now lives on the floor!

Lunch wouldn't be complete without wine, and for this, because it is a lovely sunny winter day, we grabbed a white from our friends at Le Vieux Pin.

The Ava, is a blend of Rousanne, Viogner and Marsanne - a crisp, nutty wine, that paired perfectly with our cheese selections. We were also luck enough to have some vegan herb paté from Salt Spring Harvest.

All in all, we have been making the best of our empty apartment, and the fun memories we are making our last few days here will stick with us.

Thanks for being with us on the journey.

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