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We are officially unemployed, and homeless...and what an amazing feeling it is. Kevin finished work on Thursday, Simon on Friday, and we handed over our keys yesterday morning. It feels as if we have crossed a finish line; not the finish line, but one of many that are to come. Not having the stress of cleaning, organizing and moving hanging over us is a liberating feeling.

We took the chance to celebrate this feeling last night, with the friends who are housing us for these two nights - Vintage Champagne.

Bubbles have always held a special place in our hearts, and we certainly drink a lot of sparkling. The Dom Pérignon 2009 was outstanding. A richer, rounder style of champagne that certainly appeals to me. This vintage is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and offers excellent stone fruit aromas. On the palate is opens up with some of the typical apple and lemon characteristics you would expect, but the dominant flavours are certainly the rich oak, fresh bread, which are balanced by the subtle acidity.

We raise a glass to all the friends that have helped us get this far. So many work-hours went into packing, moving, cleaning, and we couldn't have done it without the support of our friends.

Without a home, we find all of our worldly possessions packed into a few suitcases. It has been an odd packing experience, preparing for three different trips, and two different seasons. Our trip to visit Kevin's family in Alberta, a trip to the UK, and then finally our move to New Zealand. We have had to be extremely organized in making sure the right clothes get to the right destination.

Today, we will be sorting through the cases again to make sure everything will get to the right destination (and the right weather). This evening though, we will be celebrating our last night in Vancouver of this decade, with an amazing meal prepared by our close friends. Stay tuned for photos of the meal.

Next stop, Alberta tomorrow!

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