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The story starts in a 14 seater van, in the Oliver-Osoyoos wine region of British Columbia (way back) in 2013. Along with the driver, we were the only human occupants of the van - however that was not to say it wasn't full. Thus began our wine collection, and the birth of our passion. 

Never ones to shy from a challenge, or new experience, we jumped in with both feet. Our cellar quickly surpassed 500 bottles, and we began hosting wine parties with friends. Soon this turned into hosting public events; from lavish wine dinners, to low key tastings and learning sessions. 

But it is not just wine that interests us. Beverages have a special way of defining countries, regions, and cultures; from spirits crafted with local, native herbs, to drinking traditions that have existed for thousands of years. 

Fast forward to 2019, and we have been preparing for our next big adventure - a move to New Zealand. Follow along on our travels, discovering amazing food, drink, and destinations along the way. 

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